Charity Nominations Open

Charity Nominations Open
Cathy-Parker-Author-BioLet’s kick this blog off by using it to do some good.
My first book “My Books” is coming out around the first of February, and I shall donate ten percent of my royalties on this and every other book I write to a charity you pick.
So even before I can have some fun with the blog, I need the first charity.
Nominate your favorite now, and the charity nominated by the most people in the first two months following this post will receive donations for one full year starting from my first royalty check. I’ll let you know when nominations are closed.
AND THEN we will nominate again, so if your favorite missed out, gather fellow supporters and try again!

How do you enter your charity? Just go to my contact page and as soon as we are connected, send in the name and the website if they have one, or, if not, their snail mail address. Please don’t nominate in the comment section on this page or there is a chance I lose track of it.

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