Power of Three

Power of Three:

The Novel of a Whale, a Woman,
and an Alien Child
(Power Rising Book 1)

Attorney Shannon Kendricks is about to be more than just a volunteer at Seaquarium. She’s on a mission: to return a small alien child, Essi, to her own planet before it's too late. With ancient aliens determined to destroy them, Shannon must act quickly.

Strangely, a bizarre lavender lightning strike allows Shannon to hear Essi's thoughts—as well as the tormented thoughts of a captive beluga whale. Shannon uses this inexplicable bond with the alien and the whale to fight their ruthless enemies who will stop at nothing to annihilate them. Shannon soon learns the most terrible threat comes from within...

The telepathic connection is slowly killing her. She cannot sustain it alone. Enlisting her friends is her only hope—but it could endanger them all. Can she save herself, save her friends, free the whale and send Essi home before dark forces take over the world?