Power Multiplied

Power Multiplied

The Novel of a Woman, a Whale, and an Alien Child in Peril
(Power Rising Book 2)

"...an incomparably mesmerizing read... and stunningly interwoven plot." —OnlineBookClub

She will sacrifice herself to save them all...

Once again, it's up to SeaQuarium volunteer Shannon Kendricks to protect her friends, an alien child, Essi, and a rare beluga whale, Juneau.  Winning Juneau a "free pass" for one day out of captivity, Shannon eagerly awaits for the whale's return. But when an explosion of water washes her out into the chilling Alaskan Sea, Shannon must fight for her survival.

Unexpectedly, Essi returns to Earth riddled with a life-threatening virus that could easily wipe out the entire planet. Now, two aliens from another world are determined to find Essi to gain access to the virus. If unleashed, the virus will cause massive loss of life.

As Shannon embarks upon a strange and perilous journey to save her friends and everyone on Earth, the stakes are at all-time high.  Survival of life on another planet as well as on Earth rests on the shoulders of this strong-willed and courageous SeaQuarium volunteer. With a powerful alien on her side, her powers are multiplied, giving her a fighting chance to defeat her enemies. But will it be enough—or will she lose it all?