An alien child catapults by sheer chance to earth.

First book of the trilogy POWER RISING

A beluga whale longs for freedom from the cruel confines of her small blue pool.

Two powerful other-worldly beings seek to plunder our world, destroying our people and our resources.

In this fast-paced, science fiction thrill ride, it falls to the fiercely independent bystander, Shannon Kendricks, attorney and seaquarium volunteer, to return the child Essi to her world. To find a way to free the desperate beluga, Juneau. To defeat the ancient aliens. On the upside, with the arrival of Essi, Shannon is startled to find not only does her physical appearance change dramatically, but she now possesses useful, near-magical traits to help her with barriers that appear insurmountable.

But Shannon soon learns the most terrible threat comes from within: a bizarre lavender lightning strike has caused the minds of the beluga and child to enter Shannon’s own mind. Their presence consumes many more calories than Shannon can possibly take in. They are killing her.

In a desperate attempt to finish what she’s set out to do before she dies, Shannon enlists the help of her friends. Not everyone will survive.

And . . . who or what is the other dark force that Shannon discovers lurking in the shadows with the alien invaders?

Cover design by Karli Foss.


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"...an incomparably mesmerizing read... and stunningly interwoven plot." —OnlineBookClub

She will sacrifice herself to save them all...

Once again, it's up to SeaQuarium volunteer Shannon Kendricks to protect her friends, an alien child, Essi, and a rare beluga whale, Juneau. Winning Juneau a "free pass" for one day out of captivity, Shannon eagerly awaits for the whale's return. But when an explosion of water washes her out into the chilling Alaskan Sea, Shannon must fight for her survival.

Unexpectedly, Essi returns to Earth riddled with a life-threatening virus that could easily wipe out the entire planet. Now, two aliens from another world are determined to find Essi to gain access to the virus. If unleashed, the virus will cause massive loss of life.

As Shannon embarks upon a strange and perilous journey to save her friends and everyone on Earth, the stakes are at all-time high. Survival of life on another planet as well as on Earth rests on the shoulders of this strong-willed and courageous SeaQuarium volunteer. With a powerful alien on her side, her powers are multiplied, giving her a fighting chance to defeat her enemies. But will it be enough—or will she lose it all?

Book Garden Reviews says “gifted writer….hard to put down….so much fun"

Power Stabalized is is now available

Shannon thinks all she has to do is travel to an alien planet to save a good friend. Boy is she wrong

In this action-packed finale to the trilogy Power Rising, Shannon’s friend, the dragonpanther Roebor, has been sentenced to death by fire. Shannon must try to save him against impossible odds. She can think of only one heartbreaking way to free him--at great cost to them both.

But before Shannon leaves Roebor’s world, the powerful yet tiny Salesti will transfer to her a burden so frightening that if she is unable to control it, entire solar systems could be destroyed.

Shannon, with the help of her friends, must find a way to control her burden or she will be forced to travel to a dead planet and turn it lose at the cost of her own life.

Along the way, the badly-injured Shannon encounters great obstacles. She is tested to the max as she desperately seeks solutions to critical issues large and small.