Cathy Parker graduated from the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts in 2015 with a Batchelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, concentrating on speculative fiction, where her imagination could soar. She also holds a law degree. Cathy practiced as an attorney for many years, and before that she enjoyed a career in journalism. She volunteered for eight years as a zoo keeper’s aide and there she became well acquainted with one rather obstreperous female beluga whale, the model for Juneau, one of the heroes in her first book. Cathy posts matters of interest on her website.

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In this fast-paced, science fiction thrill ride, it falls to the fiercely independent bystander, Shannon Kendricks, attorney and seaquarium volunteer, to return the child Essi to her world. To find a way to free the desperate beluga, Juneau. To defeat the ancient aliens. On the upside, with the arrival of Essi, Shannon is startled to find not only does her physical appearance change dramatically, but she now possesses useful, near-magical traits to help her with barriers that appear insurmountable.


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