Lets kick this blog off by doing some good!

Cathy Parker, Author for the Animal WorldMy first book is coming out soon, and I shall donate ten percent of my royalties on this book to charities you pick.
So even before I can have some fun with the blog, I need the first charity.

Nominate your favorite now, and the charity nominated by the most people in the first two months following this post going ‘live’ will receive the donations for one full year starting from my first royalty check. I’ll let you know when nominations are closed.

AND THEN we will nominate again, so if your favorite missed out, gather fellow supporters and try again!
How do you enter your charity? Just go to the Contact Me  page by selecting it from the menu at the top of the page and click the button that says SUBSCRIBE TO MY MAILING LIST. I will then email you the form to nominate your charity. Please don’t nominate in the comment section on this page or there is a chance I will lose track of it.
What charities are eligible? Take a look at the topics close to my heart listed on the home page: those would be the charities close to my heart as well. Any charity that generally fits into any of the categories listed there will work just fine. If in doubt, nominate!
A disclaimer: I will check out the winning nomination to the extent I can to be sure that the charity is legitimate and does not spend inappropriate funds on administrative costs such as director’s salaries and offices. I want this money to go to work where it’s needed, so charities that profit the staff or advertisers more than the recipients of the donations, etc., are not eligible. In such a case [should be rare], the next most-nominated charity will receive the donation. This decision will be mine. Charities change, of course, and often improve, so if this happens to your favorite, bring them back next time around!
Ready to nominate?     Go!

A note on leaving your contact information can be found HERE

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